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Join over 100,000 people using TeleRehab to get faster access to Physical Rehab and Wellness Programs.

Phzio is leading the TeleRehab industry for employee benefits. We believe that when people are happy, healthy and strong...great things happen.

We promise better and faster access to the health services people need.

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Innovative TeleRehab Programs

New Options for People to Heal and Get Healthy.
On-Demand Health Practitioners

Telerehab & Wellness Programs

Personal Health Coaches
A team of healthcare professionals. Always available at your fingertips.
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  • On-Demand Health Professionals

    Your Employees get access to health professionals when they need it. Typically treatments start within 30 minutes.

  • Video Assessments & Treatments

    Phzio uses advanced video telehealth technology to connect with patients in realtime. Mobile capabilities make treatments private and convenient.

  • Custom Care for Everyone

    Every client receives a full tele-rehab evaluation and plan of care. If a patient needs hands-on therapy Phzio’s network of clinic are there to facilitate this care.

  • Personal Health Coach & Wellness Programs

    Covers on-going Wellness Programs for employees to stay happy, healthy and strong.

How TeleRehab Works.

Our model is super simple. If you are feeling pain call us. (No doctor’s prescription required.) We initiate a video call and diagnose your condition. A treatment plan is created and then we monitor and adjust your therapy as needed. Typically you can be starting on therapeutic activity within 30 minutes of making contact with Phzio.

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The future of healthcare is virtual and it’s here today.
Think of a future where you receive immediate attention from a healthcare professional when you need it. From hand therapy to low back or joint pain. You get diagnosed with a treatment plan that day. Every time.
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