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Prevention and Rescue Program

MSK360: injury prevention, early intervention, and rescue programs for employees with musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders.

What is Phzio Virtual Care?


Are you feeling tightness, soreness or weakness? Phzio can help! Phzio initiates a live video call with a registered physiotherapist who will assess your condition. A customized treatment plan is created for you by your PT, who will then monitor you in real-time while you are performing your exercises. Booking with Phzio is easy and convenient, typically you can be seen by a PT within 24 hours of your booking.

Enterprise Solutions for MSK

Many organization have employee populations with musculoskeletal injury patterns. MSK360 is an innovative platform that combines education, ergonomics, injury prevention and early interventions.

Phzio Virtual Care can offer carriers and companies a more cost effective way to treat patients while producing the same outcomes as traditional physiotherapy.

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Access new patients using virtual care. It’s easy to create your account and start the training process. We want PTs with proven experience and knowledge. Together we can help you reach more patients and grow your own virtual practice.

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