An Innovation for Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy professionals now have a new set of tools for growing their operations and creating better outcomes in patients. It's called PHZIO!

  • Remote Monitored Digital Treatments
  • Fully Reimbursable
  • Higher Compliance Rates
  • Better Patient Outcomes

Try Our Telehealth Calculator

The Telehealth Calculator let's you enter the operational numbers associated with your practice. It let you see the impact Phzio can have on your Gross Profits.

  • You will treat in-clinic
  • Define your reimbursement rates
  • Define your hourly PT rates
  • Set the mix of in-clinic vs. Digital
  • Enter your monthly treatment volume
  • Highlight your increased gross profit

Try the Telehealth Calculator

Patients love the experience. Create a mix of In-Clinic and Digital Treatments.

Patient compliance has always been a challenge. We know that when patients do their exercises they typically get the desired outcomes. Phzio dramatically increase patient compliance.

  • PTs monitor patients in realtime
  • PTs provide guidance and feedback
  • PTs update exercises as patients progress
  • Patients can access Phzio anywhere
  • Convenient for patients
  • Independent of weather

Phzio is EASY to use!

Phzio has been designed to make it easy for PT's set up Digital Treatments for patients, to monitor multiple patients concurrently and to bill patient treatments using your existing billing platform. The steps are simple:

Some of Phzio's Capabilities

Phzio will reinvent how your Patients can use your service.

You Choose the Video Exercises

Select individual exercise videos to assemble into a Treatment Program. It only takes a few minutes to do.

Realtime Patient Monitoring

When your patient starts doing the exercises you're watching them the entire time.


Complete the documentation process quickly. It's easy with Phzio. Then submit for billing using your existing billing system.

Metrics and Reports

Practice Administration reports linked to your operational goals so you know when you're hitting targets and where to focus when you're not.

On Demand Support

Phzio is there when you need assistance getting a patient working or if you just have a quick question.

Increase Gross Profit

For each clinic location you can expect to increase your gross profit by as much as 20-30%.

Easy to get started, Four Step Process


01 Set up a Demo

We will walk you through the details and make sure you have the answers you need.

02 Create Your Account

We will help you create your account, sync patients and create PT user accounts.

03 Train Your Team

We take care of making sure your team understands how to use Phzio.

04 Start Using Phzio

Start with a small group of your patients and then grow from there.

"I like the fact that someone is watching me do my exercises. I need that in order to make sure I do them."


"Honestly, the time savings makes it so much better. I can be at home and not have to drive to an appointment."

Dan R.Patient

"I can see that patients are doing their exercises. For me this all about compliance and patient outcomes."


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