COVID-19: Your Physiotherapy Options

Concerned about travel and in-clinic services during this emerging pandemic?

Telerehab lets you stay on track with your physiotherapy program to connect with your provider remotely and continue doing your therapeutic exercises.

Most Common Virtual Care Conditions

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Low back pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Muscle and joint pain

How can I Access Telerehab?

Contact your Physiotherapist and get them to start using Phzio so you can continue your treatments. You can encourage them to sign up, get training from our team and be ready to see you immediately.

Find a PhzioPro Physiotherapist through our growing network of trained telerehab experts. We can help you transition from your current provider if you need.

Are you a Physiotherapist? Transferring Patients to Virtual Care?

Benefits of Virtual Care

Home exercise videos guide you through your program

Available anytime on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Supervised Sessions with your Provider

Get coaching from your PT while you do your exercises

Comparing the Virtual and Clinic Environments


  • Book online and access expert PT’s from across your region
  • Connect with your PT anywhere you like with our video chat assessment
  • Follow up with your PT through video messaging
  • Receive a video playlist of your exercises to get guidance on proper movement and form
  • Notifications to your phone to remind you to do your exercises regularly
  • Live supervision of home exercise program with PT
  • Tracking of your progress: number of home sessions, duration, pain level you reported at each session
  • Captured images and recordings demonstrating your condition and your progress back to health
  • Detailed charting with images for robust exchange of your information with other health professionals


  • Travel to clinic and see your PT in person
  • Call reception to book with a PT that practices locally
  • Contact reception for any follow up issues
  • Receive paper notes on exercises or an emailed link to videos with exercises
  • Check-in at next appointment to see if you were doing your exercises
  • No supervised home exercises, return to clinic for follow up coaching
  • PT may ask you your current pain level and how your home exercises are going at your next session
  • PT documents progress in traditional charting
  • PT maintains paper or electronic records that can be transmitted to other health care professionals