Accelerate physical health. Reduce disability costs.

The musculoskeletal (MSK) system, which consists of our bones, muscles and joints, experience strain as we move, work, and live. For businesses to thrive, it is critical to prevent and address MSK issues among employees.

The Pain is Real. Musculoskeletal issues affect 1 in 5 employees. For some businesses this number is even higher.

MSK isssues are a leading cause of absenteeism in the workplace and in many cases can lead to short- or long-term disability. These costs are a significant factor in any workplace and have cascading effects on employee productivity, and therefore business success.

Phzio MSK360 Program

Employees can receive virtual care through the MSK 360 Program with the guidance of a registered physiotherapist (PT) via virtual care through their phone, tablet, or computer. As employees will not need to travel to their health appointments during the workday, virtual care is a timesaver, and therefore a cost saver, for your business.

A modern solution focused on prevention & early intervention.

Early Intervention

Before MSK pain worsens, employees can connect virtually with physiotherapist experts who have extensive experience in a given MSK area.

MSK Screening & Consults

Our virtual functional screening with a PT will identify potential MSK susceptibilities among employees.

Injury Prevention Programs

Our Phzio physiotherapists have developed a library of over 1000 educational exercise videos, and will recommend particular exercises based on the screening report.

Happy, Healthy, Strong.

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