@Home employees face new physical and mental risks.

Employees need on-demand therapeutic resources and access to therapeutic providers during the covid-19 crisis.

MSK Therapeutic Portal and Care Access for Employees

Therapeutic content designed by physiotherapists. On-demand videos, and virtual access to registered physiotherapists.

MSK360 LITE is free for companies. We can help you get started.

This is a solution for enterprises that seek a modernized approach to addressing MSK patterns in the business, as well as high paramedical and disability costs.

The Pain is Real. Musculoskeletal issues affect 1 in 5 employees. For some businesses this number is even higher.

MSK issues are a leading cause of absenteeism in the workplace and in many cases can lead to short-term or long-term disability. These costs are a significant factor in any workplace and have cascading effects on employee productivity, and therefore business success.

Phzio MSK360 Program

Employees can receive virutal care through the MSK360 Program with the guidance of a registered physiotherapist (PT) via virtual care through their phone, tablet, or computer. Virtual care is a time saver, and therefore a cost saver, for your business.

Part One: Virtual Care Network of Physiotherapists

Employees will have virtual access to providers across Canada and the U.S. Employees can book an evaluation right from your custom portal.

Part Two: Therapeutic content designed by physiotherapists

1000+ on demand videos
Desk Yoga
Multi-Day Challenges
Muscle Release
Industrial Warmups
Breath Programs

Therapy Exercise Kits

Phzio can provide exercise kits ranging from $10-$100 to employees as requested. These contain items such as foam rollers, exercise balls, yoga straps, TheraBands and more.