Full-Stack Developer

Phzio started as an idea to enable Physical Therapists with better access to their patients. We believe that if PTs have line-of-sight to their patients wherever they are, then the PTs are going to create better outcomes for their patients. When access is limited, so are the results. The Physical Therapy industry has always been able to get results for patients when they have been able to have more control over compliance.

Historically, the industry has been racked with pressure coming from lowering reimbursements and increasing costs. To address this, we decided to define a model of Telehealth for Physical Therapy that:
● Creates reliable outcomes
● Extends the reach of the Clinic
● Delivers higher Patient compliance rates

Position Overview:
Phzio is seeking a talented resource to support our current system and help lead us forward. You will use the existing application as a blueprint for building out a framework that will allow for better team development, continuous integration, automated testing, and distributed code deployment.

Applicant Profile
The ideal applicant has a range of experience with scalable solutions for custom applications. While familiar with PHP frameworks, the applicant is comfortable working without frameworks and has proficiency with migrating traditional PHP projects to framework models. Experience in or managing development teams is a significant advantage.

Skills requirements (Mandatory Skills)
Please ensure your CV matches these skills. We will only give consideration to applicants who can clearly demonstrate their experience.

● 1 year of experience with AWS services
● EC2, RDS deployment, and management
● Network management: VPC, Route53, Security Groups
● PHP development (2 years)
● Demonstrated ability to develop outside of frameworks like Laravel
● Knowledge of PSR standards for development

● Composer and service integration experience (esp. AWS and Google services)
● jQuery, ES6, Bootstrap v4, SASS, and HTTP/2 standards
● Fluent in English (first language preferred) as you will be required to write content for the application and document solutions, communicate with an English-speaking team

Valued Experience
● Excellent communication skills and ability to plan and develop solutions from broadly scoped requirements
● Experience with Laravel or other PHP frameworks
● WebRTC: user media, WebSockets, PeerConnection, TURN and STUN for ICE
● AWS Services:
● Network management: ALB, IAM, routes, gateways, and peering connections
● Any experience with CloudFront, SES, SNS, CodeDeploy, Lambda, auto-scaling
and/or resource management
● HIPAA/PIPEDA standards and recommendations
● Video transcoding solutions (development or integration)
● Team Development
● Working in or managing Agile teams (SCRUM or other)
● CI architecture including setting up and managing GitHub projects for team
● Docker and container management such as Travis-CI
● Front-end frameworks: React, Angular, or Vue (assessment of when to use and why)
● Scaling solutions for geographically dispersed application components and storage
● Node.js: working with NPM, server application development
● REST API service development
● Memcache/Redis deployment, integration, and management
● BA in Computer Science or applicable experience.

Please reply with resume and cover letter/email
1. Do you reside in Ottawa?
2. Do you have two year of concurrent PHP experience within the past 3 years?
3. Do you have a minimum two combined years of RDS (preferably MySQL) management experience in the past 5 years?
4. Do you have at least one year of combined front-end (JavaScript, CSS, HTML, framework) experience in the past two years?
5. Are you fluent in English?

If you have other questions about the role, please direct them to Myles Martin: