Frequently asked questions

In this article you will find troubleshooting steps for resolving some of the most common problems we see with the Phzio application. Please continue reading for possible solutions to your issues.

A: Am I covered by my insurance?

Check with your insurance company directly to see your level of coverage.

A: Why is my camera not working?

1. You can only see your Health Provider when they have started the session and allowed you to enter.
2. Make sure you have given the browser permission to use your webcam, or an external camera.

3. Make sure the camera on the device is on. Some computers have the web-cam turned off automatically. There may be a switch or an option in your settings.
4. Try reloading the page. Click Reload in your browser

A: Why is my micrphone not working?

1. Make sure your device is not muted and the volume is turned up.
2. Make sure you gave google chrome permission to use your audio input.

3. Try playing a YouTube video to ensure your audio works.
4. If you have bluetooth headphones, ensure they are selected as the audio output source in your device settings.

A: Why am I experiencing connection issues?

1. Try refreshing the page.
2. If you are at home, try resetting your router.
3. If you are at work, check with the IT Department. Some 3rd party websites may be blocked by your workplace security settings.
4. Restart your device (phone, computer, tablet) and try again.

A: My audio is cutting out or stops transmitting

1. Phzio requires a high speed and low latency network connection. Benchmark the network by testing your throughput and ping at and aim to improve the scores.
2. Enable router QoS or prioritize traffic for Phzio.
3. Reduce network activity not related to Phzio or use a separate network for Phzio workstations.

A. Audio is garbled or contains artifacts

1. Use a headset instead of built-in computer microphone.
2. Reduce ambient noise such as nearby speakers or fans.
3. Adjust the distance of the microphone from the mouth – too close can cause audio clipping.
4. Adjust microphone levels in the computer’s sound settings.
5. Ensure the computer has resources available to process a call and that CPU and RAM are not over-utilized.
6. Close unneeded applications and browser tabs.
7. Try disabling antivirus software.