Virtual Care for Everyone. Breakthrough for Business.

Why Adopt Virtual Care? Phzio Virtual Care offers carriers and providers a cost-effective way to treat patients while producing the same outcomes as traditional physiotherapy.

Phzio + MSK360 – Competitive driver for paramedical and disability spending.

Custom Pricing & Service Models

Paramedical spending continues to grow for Plan Sponsors.

Phzio and its industry leading virtual care platform enables Carriers and Plan Sponsors to provide an alternative to travelling to a clinic. Massage, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic costs are reduced.

Designing a Performance Health Network

Reduce Costs to Incorporate Virtual Care.

We have no start up or overhead costs. Employees can now get more sessions for the same insurance coverage.

Proactive Prevention & Early Intervention

Why is early intervention helpful? A physiotherapy screen can provide early diagnosis of MSD, reassure and educate, provide an immediate therapeutic movement program to assist healing and refer you for any other services that might be needed.

Benefits of Virtual Care

With virtual care you will experience:

On-Demand Health Professionals

Employees get access to a physiotherapist when they need it. Typically treatments start within 24 hours.

Video Assessments & Treatments

Phzio uses advanced video TeleRehab technology to connect with patients in realtime. Mobile capabilities make treatments private and convenient.

Custom Care for Everyone

Every client receives a full virtual care evaluation and plan of care. If a patient needs hands-on therapy Phzio’s network of clinics are there to facilitate this care.

Personal Health Coach & Wellness Programs

Covers on-going Wellness Programs for employees to stay happy, healthy and strong.

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