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Reset Your Body in 2021

Amanda Melaram, CAT(C) | Jan 2021

Has 2020 been a year you cannot wait to leave behind? Let’s kickstart 2021 the right way, the active way! Take control of your body and start the new year with some healthy habits! From working from home to gyms being closed, it has become harder to stay motivated and active. At Phzio, we are here for you!

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5 Ways to Prevent Fatigue in December


As winter begins, most of us will be spending more time indoors and therefore, decreasing our levels of exertion and spending more time in front of our screens. To counteract the effects and symptoms of fatigue, follow our step by step solution to help increase your energy levels and our tips and tricks you can use at home!

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How does Mental Health Affect Physical Health?


Many studies have shown that Mental Health and Physical health go hand in hand. Much of what affects the mental state of a person can also influence amongst other factors; their lifestyle, energy levels and their vulnerability to certain physical or musculoskeletal conditions.

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